Bristol Fire Department

ISO Class 2

Fire Administration

Fire Chief
Mike Armstrong

Fire Marshal

Eric Blevins

Operational Medical Director
Dr. Michael Fleenor

Office Administrator
Melanie Fleenor


Shift Chiefs
A Shift-Battalion Chief Brian Witcher

B Shift-Battalion Chief JJ Cornett

C Shift-Battalion Mike Wise

Shift Captains
A Shift Captain Stacey Farley

B Shift Captain Jay Gouge

C Shift Captain Brian Sproles

Fire safety tips:

  • Test smoke alarms every month and replace batteries twice a year when time changes.
  • Create a family escape plan and practice it often.
  • Blow out candles before leaving home or going to bed.
  • Stay in the kitchen when the stove top is in use.

These are just a few safety tips. For more information please contact your local fire department or visit  NFPA - Fire Safety