• The Bristol, VA Fire Department is comprised of the following divisions:

Administration Division
  • Fire Chief Mike Armstrong
  • Office Administrator Melanie Fleenor
Operations Division
  • A Shift -Battalion Chief Brian Witcher
  • B Shift -Battalion Chief John Cornett
  • C Shift - Battalion Chief Mike Wise
EMS Division
  • Dr. Michael Fleenor – Operational Medical Director
  • Battalion Chief/EMT-P Brian Witcher – EMS Advisor
  • Captain/EMT-P Jay Gouge – EMS Coordinator
  • Sergeant/EMT-P Josh Wilkinson –EMS Co-Coordinator - EMS Training Officer
  • Sergeant/EMT-P Janet Evans – EMS Co-Coordinator
  • Firefighter/EMT-I Rick Carpenter- EMS Supply Officer

Special Operations Division

  • Captain Scotty Sproles (Haz-Mat)
  • Captain Stacy Farley (HTR)
Training Division
  • Fire Training Officer Sgt. Tracy Hobbs
  • EMS Training Officer Sgt. Josh Wilkinson
Fire Prevention Division
  • Eric Blevins - Fire Marshal 
  • Sgt. Chase Carrier - Public Education Coordinator
  • Melanie Fleenor - Office Administrator/Public Education Coordinator

 Emergency Management Division

  • Fire Chief Mike Armstrong - Emergency Management Coordinator
  • LT. Brandon Moore - Deputy Coordinator
  • Melanie Fleenor - Deputy Coordinator