Helpful Safety Tips

Ways to Protect Your Home

Your home is better protected if you do the following:
  • All exterior doors are solid core doors with deadbolt locks
  • Doors are always locked
  • Locks are changed after moving into a new residence
  • Your home address is visible
  • Exterior doors are hinged from within
  • There are good lights in areas which otherwise might conceal prowlers
  • Shrubbery close to your building is trimmed to prevent a break-in from going unnoticed
  • There are wide angle viewers (peepholes) In solid doors
  • Valuables are in a bank safety deposit box
  • There are window stops to restrict opening
  • Emergency numbers are close to all phones
  • Milk and paper deliveries are always canceled during vacations and absences
  • Grass is mowed; snow is shoveled
  • Light timers are used all the time, including periods of absences
  • Garage door is always closed and locked
  • Vacation plans are never publicized or told to unknown persons
  • You never leave a message on the door as to where you have gone
  • All car doors are locked and keys are in possession of the owner
  • Suspicious persons around your neighborhood are always reported
  • License numbers of suspicious cars are always reported
  • A trusted neighbor has access to your home during a vacation for periodic checks
  • Identification is always requested of unfamiliar persons who ask to enter your home
  • You avoid having personal identification on keys
  • No information is provided to unknown callers at the door or on the phone
  • Your valuables are engraved with your driver's license number

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Bristol Virginia Police Department at (276) 645-7400.