Grievance Procedure

Informal Grievance Process

Because many employee concerns or complaints can be resolved through communication between the employee and the supervisor, employees are encouraged to take their concerns informally to their supervisors as soon as possible.

This informal process does not, however, extend the time frames outlined in Sec. 66-31 Grievance Procedure of the Municipal Code.

Formal Grievance Process

Employees may pursue grievance issues through the Grievance Procedure, and supervisors are encouraged to assist in this process.

Examples of Grievances

Grievances include complaints or disputes by an employee relating to their employment that may include the following:
  • Disciplinary actions (dismissals, demotions, and suspensions)
  • Application of personnel policies, procedures, rules, regulations, ordinances, and statutes
  • Acts of retaliation as a result of using the grievance procedure

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at (276) 642-2325.