Solid Waste Collection


Collection service includes collection of regular household and commercial waste, yard waste, brush, bulk wood and large items (furniture, certain appliances, etc.).  The City will not collect tube televisions, tires, or any items with refrigerant. 

The Solid Waste Collection Division of the Public Works Department provides refuse collection once every week for over 7,000 residences in Bristol. The City's Solid Waste is transported to the Eco Safe landfill in Blountville, Tennessee for disposal.  

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Collection Information

For further information on collection services, please refer to the area on the left.

Why did I receive an orange tag today?

Orange tags are used to inform residents of a violation to the City Code.

1st violation - Owner is notified by orange tag of city code violation, and material may be picked up and removed by the City for no fee.

2nd violation - Owner is notified by orange tag and material will NOT be picked up. Material may be picked by the City for an additional fee.

Contact (276) 645-7380 to arrange pick up.

3rd violation - Owner is notified of continuous violations, and the code enforcement process begins.

There is no civil fine associated with this Notice of Violation.

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