EMS Training Division

The Bristol Virginia Fire Department is cross trained to run (EMS) Emergency Medical Services first response and limited transport. This means that members of the Fire Department have the ability to perform life-saving techniques until an ambulance arrives to transport patients to the hospital whether by BLSC or BVFD.  This training allows the Fire Department to focus on proper patient care and have the patient ready to transport when the ambulance arrives, cutting down on response time. Not only does this benefit the citizens of Bristol, Virginia, but it benefits the firefighters as well. In the event that a firefighter is injured while on a call,  Several firefighters on scene have Advanced Life Support (ALS) available to help.  

Cross training in EMS requires a lot of time and recertification hours to maintain. Firefighters are almost constantly attending school and training to maintain certifications and improve their skills. Below is a list of people who are associated with EMS division for the Fire Department and who keep the department at its high level of service, whether through training, inventory, or operations. 

EMS Training Officer

Sgt. Josh Wilkinson

EMS Medical Director

Dr. K.D. Hinshaw