Alternative Sentencing

Established by City Council in July 2018, the Alternative Sentencing Department operates under the direction of the City of Bristol Circuit Court and offers three distinct alternative sentencing options to the Court:

Veritas Adult Drug Treatment Court

In continuous operation since 2009, the Veritas Adult Drug Treatment Court is a 12 to 18 month program that includes intensive supervision and addiction treatment in order to give drug-addicted offenders the structure and tools necessary to become productive, law-abiding, drug-free members of society.  

Work Re-Entry Program

The Work Re-Entry Program is a GPS-based, modified house arrest program that allows low risk level, non-violent offenders to serve a portion of their active jail sentence at home while working approximately full time.  

Home Electronic Monitoring

Home electronic monitoring, or traditional house arrest, is available on a limited basis to inmates whose medical conditions are unmanageable in the jail environment.