Adult Drug Treatment Court


Program History

In 2008, a series of meetings were held to determine the feasibility of establishing a drug court in Bristol, VA.  More than a year later, after countless hours of research, planning, and community outreach, the first participant was ordered into drug court in April, 2009. 

In the development phase, the drug court team chose to name this program “Veritas” – Latin for truth – because truth is valued foremost and it is the first step toward recovery for each participant.

Throughout the first decade in operation, the program and its dedicated team have continued to advance the goal of returning sober, law-abiding, productive individuals to the Bristol community.  With continued support from community partners, the Veritas Adult Drug Treatment Court will strive to change lives for years to come.

Program Overview

The Veritas Adult Drug Treatment Court is a four-phase program (12 to 18 months) for adult criminal offenders who are experiencing drug and/or alcohol dependence problems.  The program seeks to provide a variety of services and support in order to help participants learn to live and thrive without alcohol or drugs. 

The program requires frequent court appearances, random drug and alcohol screenings, individualized substance abuse treatment, and intensive supervision.  The program gives incentives for positive, compliant behavior and imposes sanctions for non-compliant or negative behavior. 

All participants will develop an individualized treatment plan with the drug court team and treatment providers, and will be expected to comply with all aspects of that plan.  In addition, all participants are assigned a specific case manager who will monitor and guide the participant through the program.

(See "Program Materials" for additional information.)

Participant Eligibility

Eligible offenders must be residents of, or be willing to relocate to, Bristol, VA or Washington County, VA.  He/she must have an established drug and/or alcohol addiction, have reliable transportation, and have a landline phone (or be willing to have one installed).

Eligible offenders must have a felony charge or probation violation currently pending, and cannot have previously been convicted of a violent or sex-based offense, distribution of a controlled substance, assault of a law enforcement officer, or an offense involving a weapon. The Commonwealth’s Attorney reserves the right to veto any application under consideration.

Participant Obligations

Participation in drug court is a privilege and requires serious commitment by each participant.  Participants are required to:

  • Attend treatment/counseling groups up to 3 times per week;
  • Attend multiple community support groups weekly (AA, NA, etc.);
  • Attend court reviews every Tuesday morning;
  • Submit to  multiple random drug screens weekly, including weekends and holidays;
  • Pay a monthly drug court fee of $25;
  • Perform community service work;
  • Obtain at least part time employment by the end of Phase 2;
  • Abide by all requirements of Probation & Parole and maintain contact with assigned       officer.

(This list is not all-inclusive and other program obligations may apply.  See "Program Materials" for additional information.)

Referral Process

An application must be completed by the participant and the referring party (generally his/her attorney of record) in order to begin the referral process. Applications are available from program staff, the Commonwealth's Attorney, or the Circuit Court Judge’s office. Completed applications should be forwarded to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office.

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