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The City of Bristol, Virginia is seeking request for information from enterprises with whom the City can select a preferred gaming operator for the development and operations of a destination resort/casino as described by § 58.1-4107 of the Code of Virginia. The original response and five (5) copies must be received by the issuing office no later than the close of business Friday, May 8th at 5:00pm. Responders shall provide one (1) additional copy with all information considered proprietary redacted and suitable for public inspection in accordance with § 2.2-3704.01, § 2.2-3705.6 and any other applicable law of the Code of Virginia. Responses must be sealed, addressed and clearly labeled as follows:

Randall Eads, City Manager/Attorney
City Hall
300 Lee Street
Bristol, VA 242014

Questions regarding requirements set forth in the request for responses must be submitted in writing to Mr. Randall Eads, City Manager/City Attorney at no later than one (1) week prior to the due date. Any questions received after close of business on May 1, 2020 will not be answered.


The legislation allowing casino gambling authorizes five commercial casinos in specific locations in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which include the City of Bristol, Virginia. Respondents should note that the casino development requires the passage of a referendum vote by the citizens of Bristol, Virginia, expected in November, 2020. It is the City’s desire that the resort/casino developed under this legislation recognize, celebrate, and honor the rich history and culture of Bristol.


Please submit a written response that addresses the following:

Provide information descriptive of firm’s qualifications and experience with similar projects.

Discuss the qualifications of key staff to be assigned to the project.

Provide references of five (5) current or former clients, to include contact person and telephone number.

Provide proof of financial stability to perform the requested services.

Provide representative samples of economic forecasting data previously prepared by your organization and a comparison of the forecasted data to actual results.


Pursuant to Va. Code § 58.1-4107, in selecting a preferred casino gaming operator, an eligible host city shall have considered and given substantial weight to factors such as:

1. The potential benefit and prospective revenues of the proposed casino gaming establishment.

2. The total value of the proposed casino gaming establishment.

3. The proposed capital investment and the financial health of the proposer and any proposed development partners.

4. The experience of the proposer and any development partners in the operation of a casino gaming establishment.

5. Security plans for the proposed casino gaming establishment.

6. The economic development value of the proposed casino gaming establishment and the potential for community reinvestment and redevelopment in an area in need of such.

7. Availability of city-owned assets and privately owned assets, such as real property, including where there is only one location practicably available or land under a development agreement between a potential operator and the city, incorporated in the response.

8. The best financial interest of the city.

9. The proposer’s status as a minority-owned business as defined in § 2.2-1604 or the proposer’s commitment to solicit equity investment in the proposed casino gaming establishment from one or more minority-owned businesses and the proposer’s commitment to solicit contracts with minority-owned businesses for the purchase of goods and services.


Considering this is a Request for Information, no information regarding the response records or the contents of responses will be released except in accordance with § 2.2-3704.01, § 2.2-3705.6 and any other applicable law of the Code of Virginia.

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