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May 10

Improvements to the active gas system

Posted on May 10, 2021 at 3:35 PM by Rick Belcher

The City is working on improvements to the active gas system to capture more landfill gas and thus reduce odors coming from the landfill. Progress has been made, although we have more work to do. This work will be ongoing.

Ingenco PlantBristol Flare

Gas Well Map

Gas Well 47 Data

Odor Management Plan

Odor Response Plan

These are photos of the power plant, the flare and photos and drawings of how gas wells are installed and currently in place at the landfill. Also attached is the draft Odor Management Plan and draft Odor Complaint Response Plan.

What is a landfill gas well and why are they important to reduce odors?

The gas well pulls a vacuum to draw gas from the landfill to a closed system of pipes that are sent to Ingenco’s power plant that generate electricity 24/7. If the plant is not operating (due to maintenance) the gas is diverted to a flare and burned off. This process reduces greenhouse gas emissions and substantially reduces odors.

We will provide weekly updates posted to this page beginning Monday May 10, 2021.

We encourage residents to submit concerns to the City through the draft plans and or through this web site.

Draper Aden - Bristol Landfill Facility Update - Agenda