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Dec 21

Motion for Mediation Note

Posted on December 21, 2022 at 5:27 PM by Rick Belcher

The City of Bristol, Virginia accepts and respects a federal district court ruling that Bristol, Tennessee’s claim for money should continue to another stage of the legal proceeding process. However, we remain concerned that Bristol, Tennessee’s ongoing claims for money will draw resources from the important task at hand. Bristol, Virginia remains primarily focused on remediating the quarry landfill odor issues. We know it is of the utmost importance for our community, including both sides of State Street. Spending more time and money in court only delays productivity and progress.  The City of Bristol, Virginia agreed to a federal court order as soon as it was approached by Bristol, Tennessee and has requested mediation since August.  We remain hopeful that the Court will grant our Motion for Mediation, particularly given that the courts make available free mediation and much of the work on the landfill is underway and we are in close coordination with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.