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Dec 30

Quarry Landfill Update for December 30, 2022

Posted on December 30, 2022 at 2:57 PM by Joey Lamie

As of December 30, Connelly & Associates has finished installing the landfill temperature monitoring system and is in the process of testing the system to ensure accuracy of the data collected. 

Sidewall Odor Mitigation System construction (SOMS) continues. To date, the lower horizontal collector for phase 1 work has been completed and two sump risers and two wellhead risers have been installed. Installation of a lower liner for the SOMS is scheduled to be completed in short order, which will allow for the installation of the upper horizontal collector. 

The City is accepting bids for Stage 1 of the Landfill Gas System Expansion with contractors’ bids due January 12, 2023. 

The City is aware of the recent uptick in reports filed stemming from increased odor from the quarry landfill. The ongoing remediation and construction activities at the quarry landfill are part of the recommendations made by the expert panel and determined as the best chance to alleviate the ongoing issues at the quarry landfill. While there remains no quick fix, we are committed to following the recommendations made by the expert panel to ensure construction and remediation are done correctly and to the maximum benefit of all residents of Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee.