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Bristol STAR - Nomination Application

  1. Bristol STAR - Neighborhood Improvement Award Program
  2. Purpose: To recognize and thank residents who have made considerable efforts to invest in their homes through home repairs, yard maintenance/clean-up, landscaping, and general appearance improvements. The ultimate goal is to encourage other neighbors to undertake similar improvements.
  3. Criteria for selection: Priority will be given to owner-occupied residential properties in which improvements have been completed. Properties should be located in our historic districts and core older neighborhoods, including Virginia Hills, Kingtown, and West side neighborhoods (west of Commonwealth). Renter-occupied properties are also eligible, as well as projects in progress as long as they have already received significant investment. Particular emphasis is on properties that stand out as an example for the rest of the block or neighborhood.
  4. Process for selection: Nominations will be solicited through the city website and Facebook page, and must be submitted on the form below. A property owner may nominate their own property. The Bristol VA Neighborhood Pride committee will make selections quarterly. Recipients will be contacted and be provided a yard sign identifying the property as a recognized “BRISTOL STAR” to be displayed in the front yard for a 90-day period. We are also planning to provide up to a $50 gift card to Lowe’s or Home Depot to the award winners.
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