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Business Retention and Expansion Survey

  1. Business Retention and Expansion Survey
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  2. The City of Bristol is committed to supporting local businesses. We are reaching out to you and asking you to complete our Business Retention and Expansion Survey. The following survey is intended for businesses located within the City of Bristol. We will use this Business Retention and Expansion Survey as a data collection tool to better focus our efforts in supporting local businesses. Ultimately, our goal for the Business Retention and Expansion program is to help our local businesses grow. To gather data, we are reaching out to as broad a representation of local businesses as possible in order to proactively identify companies that qualify for existing City of Bristol incentives and assistance programs, formulate new incentives and assistance programs that meet the broader needs of the business community, anticipate future workforce development needs and retain and expand the businesses operating within the City of Bristol. We are interested in listening to your needs and concerns in order to be responsive to the business community.
  3. Company Contact Information
  4. Business and Facility Details
  5. Has this company introduced new products within the last year?
  6. Type of facility (select all that apply):
  7. Is this facility owned or leased?
  8. Is your business a for-profit of nonprofit?
  9. Does the company have a succession plan?
  10. Has the company ownership changed within the past year?
  11. Over the past year, have company sales:
  12. Employment and Workforce
  13. Has the number of employees at this facility changed in the past year?
  14. In the next year, do you expect the number of jobs at the facility to:
  15. Do you plan to hire in the next 2-5 years?
  16. If you have hired in the past year, was it hard to fill positions?
  17. What contributed to the challenges in filling open positions? (select all that apply):
  18. Do you anticipate needing to train existing employees:
  19. Does the community have enough housing and the right type of housing for your future employees?
  20. Market Information
  21. In what market do you currently do the most business?
  22. Company's fastest growing geographic market:
  23. Do you currently export, import, or both?
  24. Do you export or have clients outside of the United States?
  25. If so, where (select all that apply):
  26. Are you interested in exporting or learning how to obtain clients outside of the US?
  27. Investment Plan
  28. Does the company plan to (check all that apply)
  29. Approximate date of investment:
  30. Do you currently have room on your site to expand?
  31. If investing in new location, why (select all that apply)?
  32. Community
  33. Rank the local business climate: Community Rankings: 1 = Poor 5 = Great
  34. Education and Training
  35. K-12
  36. Higher Education
  37. Customized Training Programs
  38. Overall Workforce Quality
  39. Transportation/Location
  40. Public Transportation
  41. Highway Infrastructure
  42. Air Service
  43. Proximity to Suppliers
  44. Quality of Life
  45. Recreational Opportunities
  46. Cultural Opportunities
  47. Crime Rate
  48. Social Organization and Networks
  49. Housing Supply for Workforce
  50. Local Access to Capital
  51. Lending by local financial institutions
  52. Assistance from local governments and/or non-profits
  53. Local Government
  54. Attitude towards business
  55. Permitting/Zoning
  56. Local Taxes
  57. Local Fees
  58. Utilities
  59. Telecommunications/ Broadband Service
  60. Telecommunications/ Broadband Rates
  61. Electric Rates
  62. Electric Reliability
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