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Historic District Preservation Award Application


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      It’s FREE and so EASY to nominate a property! Any individual(s) or organization can nominate or self-nominate, simply answer the following questions and submit this form along with photos to City of Bristol, Virginia, Community and Economic Development Department, 300 Lee Street, Bristol, Virginia 24201 or Submit online:
    3. Your name and contact information:
    4. Photo Requirements:
      Only EXTERIOR photos are needed. Please include at least 4 photos which show any part of the property visible from the street; other views are welcome. Photos of architectural details are encouraged. These don’t have to be professional photos! Before and after photos are very helpful as are historical photos, but these are not required for your application.
    5. Supporting Photos (Minimum 4, Maximum 8):
    6. Properties are awarded based on the EXTERIOR appearance only!
    7. Would you like this application to be re-submitted for consideration for future years?
    8. Questions? Contact Catherine Brillhart: 276-591-6952 or
    9. Nominations are accepted anytime throughout the year. Annual deadline is March 31st